Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

Well, you are.

GMAIL, Outlook and Yahoo Mail are free because they’re using you and your data. They read your email, follow you around the web and sell ads to you in your email and everywhere else you go.

ReallyMe is different, we’re not ad-funded and we care about you and your privacy.

We’re Real People Too! 

So, at ReallyMe,

We Guarantee We Will Never…

Sell Your Email Address, or

Sell The Emails of Your Friends and Family 

Clutter Your Inbox with Ads.

Read Your Email.

It’s yours, it’s private, so we won’t look and can’t look.

We Simply Provide You the Best Tools to Manage Your Digital Life

Email, Calendar, Contacts across all your devices, for a low monthly fee

ReallyMe includes advanced mail features such as sending and receiving encrypted emails, advanced spam filtering, signatures and auto-reply (for out-of-office messages). And, ReallyMe can be accessed by any web browser or connected to your favorite email app including Thunderbird, Apple Mail for iOS and MacOS, Android Mail, GMAIL, Outlook and Mail for Windows 10. 




Customer Support

We want to earn your business and keep you happy, so we provide Real Human © Customer Support. Email us any time to find out! We guarantee a human, and not a robot, will answer you back.

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