Connecting ReallyMe to Outlook for Windows

Note:  These instructions are based on the latest version of Outlook for Windows at time of writing (v.2022 of Outlook with Office 365 running on Windows 11).

This process is in 2 steps, first we’ll connect your new ReallyMe.Me email as a new IMAP service, then we’ll separately add your calendar to Outlook (note: As Outlook does not support the CalDav format, we’ll need to add a free plugin to synchronize your calendar with Outlook.  This is a quick and painless process detailed below).

Step 1 – Connect your ReallyMe Mail Account

account information
  1. Open Outlook
  2. Under the ‘File’ Tab select the ‘+ Add Account’ button. Outlook may search for accounts to recommend, wait for it to finish.
Outlook Login
  1. Enter your new ReallyMe.Me email address.
  2. Press ‘Connect’.
Outlook Advanced Setup
  1. Select IMAP as your mail type.
IMAP Account Settings
  1. Enter the name of incoming and outcoming mail server ( and the port numbers (993 for incoming and 465 for outgoing).
  2. In the Encryption Method drop-down box select “SSL/TLS”
  3. Check both boxes next to ‘Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)’.

Your finished screen should look like this.

  1. Press Next.
IMAP Account Settings
  1. Enter your password. If you are a new user this will be ‘ChangeMeNow’. If you don’t know your email you can contact to request one.
  2. Press Connect.
Account Successfully Added

Outlook will connect to your Mailbox and return any issues (the most frequent issue is your password was mistyped).

  1. If you see this screen everything worked well.
  2. Click ‘Done’ and your email will start to download.

Step 2: Add your ReallyMe Calendar to Outlook

ReallyMe Calendar

Your ReallyMe Calendar used CalDav format Click the Calendar button on the left handside of Outlook

In the Top Bar look for ‘Add +’ and select ‘From Internet’

New Internet Calendar Subscription

Type or paste the following into the URL box:

Outlook will contact the ReallyMe server and ask for your Username (your full email address) and password. Click Remember my credentials if you’re not using a shared machine and want to automatically login in the future.