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Welcome to ReallyMe – your new online identity.

It’s time to swap that random Gmail address or those old AOL or Yahoo email addresses, for a modern ReallyMe Identity.  ReallyMe is a community of Real People using their Real Names.  And with ReallyMe’s email, calendar and contacts you can kiss goodbye to intrusive ads, tracking services and companies making money off your data.

Everyone with a ReallyMe Identity is a validated real-person, no bots, ad trackers or hackers here.


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Why dump my Gmail?

When Big Tech gives you something for free, you should be suspicious.   See why ReallyMe is different and focused on people and not ad-dollars or tracking your online activities.


Ready to try it for free?

You don’t need to take a risk, you can try ReallyMe for free for 30 days.  What do you have to lose?